With Arey Jones educational solutions, students are better equipped to succeed with stronger foundation for the future.

Arey Jones has been deploying and maintaining technology solutions in the classroom longer than any company in the industry. We know how to minimize classroom disruption and maximize classroom learning opportunities through advanced technology and exceptional service. Whether it’s integrating special curriculum-based requirements, enhancing your help desk, or accurately tracking versions and upgrades of installed software on thousands of your computers, you can count on us. We pride ourselves on efficient installation, seamless integration, and clear communication. You are never alone with Arey Jones.


Arey Jones is committed to helping create the best learning environments through the practical use of technology

Unlike the average computer reseller, we work strictly with education clients. That means we do things differently so the technology provided reflects the challenges facing today’s educators: Personal connection with our customers so they can place a face with a name. Our phones are answered quickly by a friendly voice who knows your particul... more