As a trusted leader in educational technology for more than 30 years, Arey Jones has been committed to helping create the best learning environments possible.

Committed to fostering empowered learning spaces through the use of technology, Arey Jones is the premier educational technology source nationwide. Arey Jones was founded over 100 years ago, as a humble stationary and typewriter business. Broadway Typewriter “DBA” Arey Jones Educational Solutions has been under the current ownership of the Scarpella family for over 45 years. Today, Arey Jones is one of the leading educational technology suppliers to K-12 school districts nationwide, with a heavy concentration in the Southeast and West regions. Over 95% of our business is in the K-12 market. Our dedication to the K-12 market and our goal of total customer satisfaction uniquely positions us as the premier service and hardware provider.

We understand the unique challenges that the ever changing world of educational technology presents. With over 45 years of experience working with K-12 schools, Arey Jones’ mission is to assist in the transformation of teaching and learning. We provide customized solutions that enable the creation of 21st century learning spaces which support creativity, collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking. 

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Arey Jones was founded in 1897 to serve the stationary and administrative needs of the local educational market. In 1972, Arey Jones was purchased by Broadway Typewriter Company, owned by the Scarpella Family. Since that time, the Scarpella Family has operated and expanded the business as Arey Jones Educational Solutions. Today, Arey Jones Educational Solutions is the premier nationwide provider of technology solutions dedicated to working exclusively with K-12 educational market. Arey Jones Educational Solutions has been involved with this business from the very beginning in the early 1990’s providing hardware, software, integration, configuration, service and support. This dedication to working exclusively with the K-12 marketplace offers Arey Jones a unique qualification to meet the technology needs of Districts nationwide. Every employee within the Arey Jones company has experience working with the hundreds of School District customers around the county we have contracts with. Arey Jones has offices in California (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco), Alabama (Mobile, Baldwin), Georgia (Atlanta), and Florida (Broward). The Scarpella family remains actively involved in day-to-day executive management and operations of the company, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

The rich heritage of Arey Jones continues today with a dedicated executive team and staff who are pioneers in educational technology solutions.

The Executive Team and Scarpella Family believe in the value that is created in having a strong workforce that focuses on putting the customer first. Our team’s commitment to our customers is responsible for the success we have in meeting the differing needs of school districts nationwide.

Arey Jones strongly believes in the idea having qualified and well trained employees on all aspects of our business that can provide the best possibly customer service to the District at every level. Arey Jones has a strict policy regard all background checks on employees and keeps current all necessary fingerprinting or registration for employees. We understand the importance of having trustworthy employees working with schools.

Our senior staff not only includes the executive team, but also all of our management team have been with us for over 10 years. The Scarpella family makes up the executive team, and Michael, Peter, David and Mattie Scarpella have all worked in the K-12 education technology market since the late 1980’s. The other members of the senior staff have between 10-20 years in K-12, and work closely with the Scarpella family in all facets of the business.

Our teams will give a personal connection allowing Districts to place a face with the name who is very familiar with the district environment. Unlike the average computer reseller teams, the dedicated teams work strictly with education clients allowing them to better understand the special requirements of working with school districts. Educators hold one of the most important missions in the world while balancing new opportunities and challenges in the classroom every day. Arey Jones knows that it is critical that the technology is being used every step of the way to increase the effectiveness of education and make it reliable, practical, and inspiring.

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